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H&E Equipment Services
I am writing this letter to thank you for what a wonderful and professional job your company has done for H & E Equipment Services, Inc.  This letter of recommendation should have been written many years ago.  Since starting working with Alazander  Associates in February 2005 you have provided our company with outstanding results. Your staff thoroughly goes over each and every account, no matter what the balance is.  I know  that you have worked the account to completion when it is returned to me for legal or closure.  Read more....
Mary Cardini
Baton Rouge, LA

Scil Animal Care Company - America
This letter comes with my highest possible recommendation.  Our company started utilizing the services of Alazander Associates a couple of years ago and we have been extremely pleased with the results.  We have used other collection agencies in the past without much success until we switched to A & A.  We have appreciated that every account that we have sent to them has received the same attention whether it be a small dollar amount or large.  Read more.....
Angie Arnold
Office Administrator
Grayslake, IL 

Asset Marketing Services, Inc.
Asset Marketing has used the third party collection services of Alazander Associates for many years.  They have done a fantastic job of working our "uncollectable" accounts and turning them into cash.  These efforts have increased our profits and improved our cash flow.  Read More.....
Todd M. Hess
A/R and Credit Manager
Burnsville, MN